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A well thought out and designed website can save you time and money. You can automate and manage many services and operations related to your business. Not having a website is no longer an option for businesses.

A website is a collection of files that can be accessed via the internet. These files are translated by a browser, into a user-friendly experience. Examples of websites on the World Wide Web are Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and the website you are on now; creativedigital.se. In addition to the technical explanation there are different types of websites, for individuals, companies, organizations, or other associations. A website can focus on blogs, portfolios, online forums, online shopping, or other areas.

Your website can function as a portal to other media channels, a portfolio with projects, or a shop for the goods and services offered. Having a good website as a private person or business can improve your impression and increase your reach online. A bad website, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. If you feel that you can create a well-functioning website, this is something we can recommend. If it sounds complicated, you can contact us. We at Creative Digital have the tools and knowledge to build and manage a website for you.

The difference between a website and a web page is that a web page refers to a specific one, while a website is a collection of web pages. The word website. Home page and web page, on the other hand, are usually used synonymously.

Technically, a website is a collection of Internet-based files under a common domain name. These files are stored on a server, whose task is to make the files available when requested by a browser. A browser is used to interpret the files and present them in a user-friendly way. The website’s domain is written in the browser’s address field. This domain name can be used instead of the numeric IP address to which the domain name is associated.

Today there are many software for creating websites. With the WordPress publishing tool, you can build websites, both for beginners and professionals. A website requires a domain name, web hosting, and the website itself, i.e. files. Running a website doesn’t have to cost money. Domain and hosting can be purchased at web hosting. For websites with a professional user experience, additional tools and knowledge in web design may be required.

  • A website consists of files of codes, within HTML, CSS and JavaScript, linked to one and the same domain name.
  • HTML is a markup language that defines the structure of a website.
  • CSS is a style sheet that determines the appearance and formatting of HTML code.
  • JavaScript is a programming language that performs an interpretation of HTML and CSS code, in the browser’s JavaScript engine.
  • A traditional website consists of:
  • Header: The content at the top of a website. The website’s logo and important information can be displayed here.
  • Navigation: The main menu on a website. Most often used as an organized list of links to internal pages on the website.
  • Main content: The content that is mainly presented when you visit the website. Preferably, the content should capture the essence of the website and the business.
  • Footer: The content at the bottom of a website. This usually contains contact information and links to the business’s other media channels.
  • Within these pages and menus you can usually find the website’s logo and other images, links and forms, as well as possible blog posts to update visitors.
  • The cost of a website can vary greatly. It is possible to run a website for free, but a serious website is expected to cost a few thousand to start:
  • Creating a website requires a domain and hosting, which in total usually ends up at SEK 300 per month.
  • You may also need to buy plug-ins, i.e. tools to build certain things. These plug-ins can cost a few hungry kroner each, and as a rule should not exceed 5 pieces for a website.
  • If you don’t have the skills to build a website yourself, you may need to hire a web developer, which on average costs around SEK 800 per hour. Alternatively, you can order a website with a fixed price, from a few thousand kroner. If you hire a web developer or web agency, the aforementioned costs may be included.
  • With Creative Digital’s service, we build a website for (DESCRIBE PRICE). This price includes the tools we use, as well as domain and hosting.
  • There are several services that offer users to make a free website. There is also a lot of instructional material on the internet to help you along the way. Despite the fact that it has never been easier and cheaper to run a website, you must be prepared for the following:
  • If you create a website for free, details that give a professional impression will be omitted.
  • If you create a website without much previous experience, the quality of the website can reflect that level of knowledge.
  • You can build a temporary website to test the concept of having a website. If you want a professional website, you can contact a web agency.

To get your website visible on Google, or other search engines, you can study the art of SEO. This concept is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization in English, or search engine optimization in Swedish. Just as the name indicates, SEO is about optimizing search results in search engines with organic algorithms. What separates SEO from paid marketing is that SEO involves organically ranking the website high on search engines. This results in prolonged passive traffic. A key aspect to ranking high in SEO is to ensure that the website’s written material is well-written, relevant and up-to-date.


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