Creative Digital

Web Agency In Uppsala

It all started in 2020 in Stockholm when we realized how expensive and inaccessible websites and creative design are for small and medium-sized companies or non-profit organizations.

We decided to donate our free time and talent to businesses/non-profit organizations that cannot afford a website or any digital work.

As in our free works, we created an Earth for Everyone website; they could receive donations and sell tickets online through the website we developed for them. Then we helped PMU Second Hand Botkyrka with a new webshop; we installed a Switch firewall and access point to their store.

Over time, more and more Creative People joined under the Creative Digital umbrella. With the team’s energy, we have reached over 30+ customers in Sweden. And again, thanks to our multilingual team, we also have customers in Germany, Poland and Turkey.

The digital world can be confusing at times and digital investments require professional consultation. When we meet our customers, we observe, listen and understand their needs. Our main goal is to save money and time for our customers and bring more customers to their doorstep with digital solutions.

Contact us for a free 30-minute digital consultation, and we’ll talk about how we can help you enter or be creative in the digital world.